This is a unique online journey – a waking-up adventure – with your Diamond Astrology chart as a golden guide. After 40 years of practical experience Diamond Astrologer Monique Leurink has created a unique method to ignite what became dormant in you when you were a child – your Essential Self and your Essential Talent. A playful, practical, joyful and eyeopening adventure.

AND there is more to it …


You were born with two origins of consciousness: your personality and your Essence. Most of us know who we are in our personal identity. But few people know themselves in their cosmic identity – the Essential Self.

For the first time in the history of astrology this can now be identified with your DA chart. Your Essential Self has been in the dark since your early childhood and – especially in these days of expansion of consciousness – needs to come to the light in order for you to become a unified person again and share your Talent with the world. Your Essential Self bursts with creativity and this is where you are pure, extremely bright, unique and outstanding. Waking up to your Essential Self is a path of passion,  joy, creativity and of mastery.


Defining your Essential Self is one thing. But Creating with your Essential Talent is the real work. This is unique for every person. Monique has become an expert to guide you so that you start to believe yourself again. Your Essential Self is equal to your inner Knowing and Wisdom and vibrates on a higher frequency. Igniting your Talent implies not only liberating your Creative Force for your own benefit. It also implies that you help to raise the frequency of our planet.

"Diamond Astrology has opened an amazing deeper layer in me that I never knew about! It feels like I’m opening up to much more awareness. Is that what you call 5D? Awesome!" - Erica M.





  • Defining your unique Essential Self.
  • Starting your Essential process of intuitive creativity.
  • Working with a specific and important dynamics of both your Sun and Moon as main luminaries of your Personality.
  • Outbalancing your Personality and your Essential Self and learning to shift.
  • Becoming a unified being again. as a conscious focal point.
  • Focusing where you are on the 3rd, 4th and the 5th dimension in you personally.
  • Releasing the victim and embracing the Creator in you.
  • Learning to create from Essence with your unique Essential Talent.
  • Mastering your life as a conscious focal point in all the layers of your life.
  • Learning to mirror the world back from Essence.

"Monique expertly guides you to discovering your Essential Self, navigate your Spiritual Awakening and stirs you towards your Soul Purpose." - Margaret A.



  • This Journey is now offered for the second time. In 2018 the Journey was offered for the first time in collaboration with AstrologyHub and it was a great success. It is composed by Monique Leurink and is a result of 40 years of study in the new field of Diamond Astrology, of readings, lessons and workshops with thousands of people who are waking up to their Cosmic Identity.
  • On your Journey you are working both with specific personal themes and with your Essential Self related to your Diamond Astrology chart. This will accelerate the raising of your frequency.
  • Waking up to your Essential Self is really a waking up! It is emerging from a void, and becoming visible. You will also witness this process in others, in the private Facebook Group so that you get a better understanding of it. You can interact with each other and learn from each other.

"You’ve filled me with the urge to keep moving forward with hope as we navigate these challenging times and turn them into opportunities. Thank you!" - Kate F.



The assignments after each lesson are uniquely attuned to you and based on your personal Diamond Astrology chart. You will receive one after each class.


After every lesson you're asked to keep a diary of the specific assigment you do. This will enable you to see your progress using simple but efficient keys.


This adventure of waking-up is practical and you will be guided towards concrete results that you will see manifest in your daily life

"I'm in such gratitude for your years of exploration of Diamond Astrology and your bringing it together in such a potent way at this crucial time. Love and blessings to you!" - Stella H.





 Monique Leurink is one of the world’s first and most passionate teachers and trainers and a leading authority of Diamond Astrology, a new dimension in the field. She has an experience of more than 40 years. She is a teacher, trainer, workshopleader and author and gives readings all over the world. When reading the chart she fuses the Personality with the Essential Self. Monique’s expertise is that she not only teaches Diamond Astrology but she also brings it into practice with workshops and online trainings to wake up your Essential Self and liberate the immense Creative Force. With 5 planets in Leo in the third house her gift is not only to teach but also to empower the issues of Diamond Astrology in the chart into the heart of each person.


Monique is an expert in ways of raising vibration to that of the New Earth – Her highest joy and deepest passion! Diamond Astrology is a fantastic instrument for waking up and expanding your consciousness.


DO YOU WONDER WHAT DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE IN THE WORLD? Discover who you are in Essence. Experience the power of the Black Moon in unprecendented ways. Open your Cosmic Birth Channel! Leave negativity and chaos behind. Choose how you want to feel. Liberate the Creative Force in yourself.  Share it with the world!


SHIFTING TO THE DIVINE MATRIX Your old self experiences the world mainly from the 3D matrix and the little-self centre which is the cause of much pain and misfortune. Your emerging self is a unified being and lives consciously both from the personality and essence. If you have a desire to reveal your essence and give meaning to your life then this journey is for you!

What You'll Receive:


Access to 10+ hours of Live classes, and their recordings to watch on your own time!

A fully downloadable version of your personal Diamond Astrology Chart to work with throughout the course.

Access to a Private 'Journey to the Essential Self' Facebook Group where you can connect with your fellow peers and share your journey.

Live Webinar access via the Zoom platform that allows you to watch from any device, or call in via phone!

You'll also receive these bonuses!

Get acquainted with the first lesson that is FREE


Your Unique Assignment for the Week specially created for your individualized journey, delivered straight to your inbox!

                               HERE ARE COMMENTS OF THE JOURNEY IN 2018


Thank you, Monique, for this exceptional class. I am finding so many aspects of myself that I had overlooked or ignored, especially the passage through my Cosmic Birth Channel’ .    M.M  July 2018


‘Amazing, I feel like I am traveling thru dimensions, back and forth and back and forth.At least this is with more awareness.’     Carol R.  June 2018


‘It was as if each word had a sound and my cells and soul felt enveloped in so much tenderness and love.“Be Playful” Monique you demo mastery so well. So much Gratitude for this group and the powerful emotions and insights! Much Love!’     Lori L.  June 2018

Lesson Plan:


LESSON 1 - May 19th

Your Essential Self

  • Who are you in Essence?
  • Knowing who you are and opening up to the process.
  • Definitions and insights in relation to your Cosmic Birth Channel.

LESSON 2 - June 2nd

Your Essential Self

Your survival strategy and the process phase you're in

  • The dynamics behind your Essential Self is your survival strategy which can be derived from your DA chart.
  • What phase of the Essential Self are you in and what is your survival strategy?

 LESSON 3 - June 16th

Shifting from Personality to Essence -      Inner Marriage

  • Learn the difference between your Personality and Essence, and how to handle the dynamics between them.
  • Shift from Personality to Essence to learn to master yourself.
  • Techniques!

LESSON 4 - June 30th

The deeper dynamics of your Sun and Moon

  • Learn to handle the dynamics behind your Sun and Moo, and why it is the real thing.
  • An eyeopener technique for working with the two main luminaries of your Personality in your daily life.

LESSON 5 - July 14th

Shifting from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension

  • Learn very specifically where you are in the 3D, the 4D and 5D matrix.
  • Take charge of your life through owning your reality and gaining insight!

LESSON 6 - July 28th

Your Soul’s Purpose and Universal Purpose

  •  Your Soul’s purpose is part of a process to accelerate your growth. But so is your Universal Purpose.
  • Learn to work with both themes in you.

LESSON 7 - Sept 8th

Victim or Creator and Integrating the values of the Aquarius/Leo Age

  • Tune into how you have given your power away and created unhappy situations without knowing it.
  • Become aware of the convictions behind your emotions.
  • Raise your frequency by releasing the values of the Piscean Era and embracing the values of the Aquariua/Leo Age.

Lesson 8 - Sept 22nd

Creating from Essence 1

  • Moving forward in the process to start bringing your Essence to expression.
  • Work with practical assignments.
  • Open up to excitement, joy, creativity and passion!

LESSON 9 - Oct 6th

Creating from Essence 2

  • Share your experiences with the other participants and be open to surprises and surely amazement too!
  • Take flight into the new energy!

End of the Journey to your Essential Self

Thank you so much for the enlightening wisdom of your class! This has opened up another whole dimension of astrology that feels so resonant that it's like a remembering. I felt a deep transformation, similar to Priestess work. - Carol K


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Thank you Monique for the very thoughtful class. This opens new, enlightening doors for understanding myself! Such a rich study! - Candy W